An interview with Tomer Aharon

Meet the expert Tomer Aharon

He established himself a company whose innovative approach to customer engagement is making many online businesses.

He is the co-founder of which is becoming a synonym of popup window optimization.

So he definitely has got a lot of insights about customer engagement model, innovative approach regarding consumer psychology is definitely you can learn better from his interview.

His insights can help you improve your own online business.
His journey is worth taking a lesson from.

And we have an irresistible DISCOUNTS for one of his products, which is available at the end of this post.

Every entrepreneur has a story worth taking an inspiration from. What is yours? (Keep focused on this, tell your story, because we will try to project your image and your journey than your product)

So we created an exit-intent pop-up for one of our clients and that same month his sales skyrocketed to approximately 35% more. We tried it with a different client and it worked great as well. From that point, we pivoted and focused on building Poptin — a lead capture platform that can help you convert more of your visitors into leads, subscribers, and sales.

I saw your service doesn’t require any credit card. Any particular to levy the credit card requirement?

We don’t want to scare potential users away. You can let them try your product even without signing up if possible. If your product worth it for them, they will be active users and later on convert to paid customers.

What is your focus first on- money or client satisfaction-and why?

You have developed an interesting way of engaging customers using pop-up windows and side bars. Tell us about such an engagement model.

For example, you can show a lightbox with a discount coupon that has a countdown when your visitors try to leave your checkout page.

You can show a small slide-in pop-up once your visitors scrolled down more than 60% of your blog post and showed some interest.

You can get more likes on your Facebook page if the visitors arrive from social networks or get your visitors to contact you through Whatsapp.

How did you get into helping growth marketers/entrepreneurs?

Was there an “aha moment” where you realized one or two key habits that helped your success?

Can you dive into some of the fundamentals of building a product that growth marketers tend to skip?

You HAVE to talk to them and get as much feedback as possible.

We see it a lot where entrepreneurs and growth marketers are too busy to develop more features without understanding the real pain of their users and what the 80/20 rule is when they design a new feature or screen.

When your users are satisfied with your product, you can actually build a community around it and let the WOM marketing method work for you.

What are some of the marketing/sales/startup tools that you have seen and like in the space?

What habits or routines help you stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the marketing/startup industry?

Another great tool that kept us updated is which we installed on Chrome. It filters marketing content and brings us the top articles of our interest.

What makes Poptin so unique among its competitors?

– We offer a free plan that includes all the features and integrations. The only limit is 1,000 views.
– Poptin offers a very easy-to-use UI. You don’t need any coding or designing skill to build beautiful pop-up or overlays for your site in less than 5 minutes.
– Poptin is not a “popup tool” or an “email capture tool”. With Poptin you can create all kinds of widgets and overlays, with or without input fields and customize them with our drag & drop interface. You can capture emails, leads, upsales, get more likes for your Facebook page, let your visitors download an eBook and more.

Our vision is to give every small and medium business website owner the same opportunity that big companies already have.

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